I’m an ordinary guy who has been fortunate enough to have some very extraordinary experiences, both personally and professionally.  In my most recent book, I share my journey to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and the struggles to reach the highest point on the African continent.  Along the way I learned a great deal about myself, my team, and what it takes to overcome big challenges.  You can join me on my Kilimanjaro adventure in the pages of Kissing Kilimanjaro: Leaving it All on Top of Africa or in person via my motivational presentation and training.

I’ve also overcome some pretty big professional challenges; and the lessons from Kilimanjaro and beyond have really helped me lead my teams, launch new products, understand customers, improve demand generation campaigns and implement new systems and processes to help my teams succeed.

In addition to being a motivational speaker I have been a business executive at a Fortune 100 company, started my own adventure travel company, and even helped mid-sized organizations grow and mature. I’ve built new marketing programs from scratch and improved existing environments.  I’ve led global programs across 7 continents and consulted for senior leaders in small-groups environments.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your team as well.

  • Daniel Dorr – Professional, Author, Speaker