Daniel Dorr is an ordinary guy who has been fortunate enough to have some very extraordinary experiences, both personally and professionally.   In his most recent book, he shares his own journey to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and his struggles to reach the highest point on the African continent.  Along the way he learned a great deal about himself, Tanzania and what it takes to overcome big challenges.

You can join him on his Kilimanjaro adventure in the pages of his recently published book, Kissing Kilimanjaro: Leaving it All on Top of Africa or in person via his motivational presentation and training.

What makes Daniel’s story so compelling is that he really is just an ordinary guy trying to do something extraordinary.  This story touches audiences specifically because he’s not a professional mountain climber and has the same limitations we all do.  In addition to being a motivational speaker Daniel is a business executive at a Fortune 100 company and has started his own companies in the past.  He has presented and facilitated workshops globally and helped clients identify over $1B in new revenue opportunities by seeing their challenges in a whole new light.

  • Daniel Dorr – Author, Speaker, Professional

“As anyone who’s hired a corporate speaker before knows, stories inspire. . . slides don’t. Dan Dorr has an inspiring story!” -Paul, P&G