Kissing Kilimanjaro: Leaving it All on Top of Africa

Mount Kilimanjaro is sometimes called the “Everyman’s Everest” because it’s possible for even a novice to reach the summit.  That’s how I got started; a novice who was trying to impress a beautiful brunette with dreams of adventure.  Six months later I was laying on the cold gravel trail in Africa at 18,000 feet, panting and hacking in the darkness suffering from Acute Mountain Sickness.  But it didn’t end there.

Kissing Kilimanjaro is a detailed and sometimes humorous account of a regular guy who goes from the comforts of home to the rigors of a 19,340 foot mountain.  Join me as I fondle expensive gear, travel local-style across East Africa, confronts a Maasai warrior, trudges up the mountain and vomits on the top of the African continent.

Follow me through the minor inconveniences and major self-discoveries that come with mountaineering. It’s the story of an ordinary man trying to do something extraordinary and all the rewards both large and small of reaching for personal fulfillment through adventure travel, physical challenge, and the ability to leave it all on the mountain.

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  • Daniel Dorr – Professional, Author, Speaker