Trade Shows

In order to increase brand awareness and revenue for HP in the security market, it has been critical to be present at pan-European shows. I have managed HP’s trade show strategy including identifying targets, funding events, defining presence and even staffing the booth.

Below are some samples of booths and materials used for such events. It is important to understand that Hewlett Packard has very strict branding guidelines that restrict the look, feel and graphics that can be used for such materials. All samples have been approved by HP corporate marketing.

Small Shows:

Due to a very limited budget for shows in Q4 2005 I designed a booth presence that was easy to place in various size booths at smaller events [ Layout].
Graphic elements were also placed in the aisles to attract attendees [ see right]

Large Shows:

I have also done considerably larger shows for 30,000+ attendees. Here is a sample booth layout from a show for 10,000 attendees.

Hospitality Suite

For one conference I put together a hospitality suite for the attendees to visit after the day’s seminars. The theme was “There is No Beer in Hawaii” after the famous German folk song (the event was in Munich) and we served tons of beer.
Invitation postcards [ see right ] were sent to attendees
Travel posters were re-created with our product information [ see below ]

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