While I successfully started my own company some of my most profound career growth has come from the great companies I’ve had the privilege to work at.  When I originally explored the idea of working for Hewlett Packard I was told  four years at HP was the equivalent of a Master’s Degree and that HP trained managers well.  I spent nine years at HP and have learned how true that perception is.  Aside from incredible on-the-job training leading global marketing projects, managing complex technology deployments and coordinating international teams, there was a great deal of formal training.  I learned HP’s famous management techniques, how to present complex topics to executive buyers and how to clearly communicate and market a product’s value to consumers.

I spent nine years at HP with roles in product marketing, business development/sales, project management, and business leader.  All were exciting positions that challenged me and helped me grow.  But as time passed I wanted to truly test my marketing skills against the best; consumer marketers.  So I made the decision late in my career to get my MBA and move to a consumer marketing company.

I was awarded a full fellowship from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business and later recruited to join Procter & Gamble as an experienced hire.  I spent two years in brand marketing.  P&G’s marketing training is second to none and I thoroughly enjoyed the rigorous programs that help P&G build the best marketers in the business.  I’ve also used my own experiences and skill to turn around a number of struggling projects and identify several new business opportunities.

  • Daniel Dorr – Professional, Author, Speaker