Take an inspirational journey to the top of Africa

Ordinary People – Extraordinary Results

Looking for a way to motivate your team; to inspire them to achieve something extraordinary?

As the author of Kissing Kilimanjaro; Leaving it All on Top of Africa, I love to take audiences on an entertaining and inspirational journey to the top of the African continent. I’m an ordinary guy who followed my dream to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. Now I share the life-changing journey and the lessons that have made me a better person, professional and teammate.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is no different from any other major challenge we want to overcome in our lives. Whether we want to launch a new product, lose weight, or mend a broken relationship we’re all climbing a mountain of sorts. These experiences require us to be stronger than we think we are, endure more than we believe we can, and become more than we dreamed possible.

Take an hour to discover how you and your team can successfully climb your own mountain. Check out this  brochure for more details.

Keynote Presentations:

  • Lessons from Kilimanjaro – How you can overcome you challenges, face failure and achieve something extraordinary
  • Climbing Kilimanjaro – What it takes for an ordinary person to reach the top of the African continent

Training Sessions:

  • Follow Your Dream to New Heights – How to find your purpose, follow your dream and overcome the mountains in your life
  • Kilimanjaro Leadership – 7 steps to take your team to new heights and help them overcome their own challenges

Please contact me at dan@danieldorr.com

Organizer quotes:

P&G: “As anyone who’s hired a corporate speaker before knows, stories inspire. . . slides don’t. Dan Dorr has an inspiring story!” -Paul

Google: “Daniel Dorr shares the ‘typical’ lessons learned about risk-taking, perseverance, and failure, but uniquely weaves them in the context of climbing Kilimanjaro, making his presentation engaging and inspirational. A great speaker with the ability to motivate, Dorr delivers a talk that may just make you want to take on the physical and mental challenge of climbing Africa’s highest mountain.” – Lauren

Moody’s: “Daniel does a phenomenal job of engaging his audiences while connecting his Kilimanjaro climb to the aspirations of anyone in attendance. There were a lot of tired people going in for just another talk and a highly motivated bunch coming out when it was all said and done.” -Sumit

AdNet Conference: Daniel Dorr is an incredible motivational “guy next door” who knows how to engage all audiences. He makes it real and relevant.  I highly recommend him. – Lisa Jolley, Co-Chair AdNet Conference 2012

REI: Daniel’s presentation on Kilimanjaro is perfectly crafted a wonderful blend of inspiration and practical tips. Attendees were wowed by his expertise and engaging style. Dan speaks from the heart, which makes his experience come alive. Fantastic program! -Polly

Attendee quotes:
“Lessons that were both down-to-earth and inspirational”
A powerful and uplifting presentation”
“I really enjoyed the personality, honesty and bits of humor”
Left me wanting more”
“Excellent storytelling”

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